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One Day each month we pick a place to go and have class and then do something fun, social and adventurous! We have a wonderful Peaceful Minds Center community and we are all looking for ways to connect and have fun within the context of a peaceful mind. Sometimes we’ll snorkel, dive, barbecue, hike, go to a zoo or some other nature experience. Other times we’ll volunteer and go make a difference in the world, do beach clean ups, assist the elderly and so on. You are invited to join us!


When?   Next Adventure Club Trip is on Friday, December 15, 2017

Where? Son’s & Daughters Winery for some Homemade Kombucha and Holiday Cheer!



You are cordially invited to The Peaceful Minds Center’s Holiday Gathering at Son’s & Daughter’s Winery where we will have some vegan food from The New Vegan truck, gather around the fire and listen to the sounds of Cortadito. This is an outside venue on a farm so dress appropriately! This will be very informal. Son’s and Daughters opens at 5, the event starts at 7 and they close at 11. There is a $5 per person charge at the gate. Below are the links to The New Vegan’s Menu and Sons and Daughters. I will be arriving at around 6:30 – 7. Please RSVP by sending a text to me at 561-531-3626 so I know to look for you.



5926 Fearnley Road
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Remember, at PMC events there is never any consumption of alcohol etc. This is because we always want to be present to one another and when we partake that is not possible. There is no moral judgment here. Just the practice of presence everywhere we go. The reason we are going to Son’s & Daughters Winery is because they also brew their own Kambucha! We at The Peaceful Minds Center are big fans of Kambucha!




I Need Your Input! Please Respond To The Follow Questions ASAP

1. Are you coming? If yes, respond yes. If no, no need to respond.
2. How many people are coming with you?


Adventure Club Trips are planned and provided by The Peaceful Minds Center. Please, consider a donation for the tremendous effort it takes to organize these events. If everyone gives a little we can do a lot. You can either bring a donation in a plain, white envelope or  Click here to donate. Please, never hand cash to the teacher as it is considered disrespectful.


If you have any questions or have trouble locating us simply call Tom at 561-531-3626. PLEASE BE ON TIME. Plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to get settled in. Classes start promptly at their designated starting time. Text “Add Me” along with your name to the number above to be added to the text list.


6 thoughts on “Adventure Club, One Saturday each month we have class and go on an adventure together!

  1. Hello Tom,
    I thought the date was changed to October 14th. I am not available to join the adventure if the date is on the 21st.
    See you tonight – have a great day.

  2. Hey Tom,

    Alex and I have decided to drive down Saturday and meet everyone at the museum at 11:30am. I do realize that the train ride was part of the overall adventure and experience, but it will just be to long of a day for the girls. We had originally thought that the train ride would’ve been 45-1hr but now realize that it will be closer to 3hrs. one way and 6hrs. total both ways. Unfortunately, they do get tired easier and that could ruin their experience, as well as , ours and others in the group. Also, we may stay afterwards, walk around the city and check it all out. I hope that you understand and we all look forward to spending the day with everyone at the museum this coming Saturday!

    See you there,

    Rob, Alex, Ava & Olivia

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