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One Day each month we pick a place to go and have class and then do something fun, social and adventurous! We have a wonderful Peaceful Minds Center community and we are all looking for ways to connect and have fun within the context of a peaceful mind. Sometimes we’ll snorkel, dive, barbecue, hike, go to a zoo or some other nature experience. Other times we’ll volunteer and go make a difference in the world, do beach clean ups, assist the elderly and so on. You are invited to join us!

When?   Next Adventure Club Trip is on Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Where? Bar-B-Ranch & Flamingo Gardens Preserve!



Arrive at Bar-B-Ranch at 10 AM (See directions below – about an hour south of Boynton)

We will be riding for 90 minutes – $55

Flamingo Gardens is within walking distance of Bar-B-Ranch (We’ll drive over to clear Bar-B’s parking)

We will have lunch here and tour the gardens which have a few cool surprises! – $20 Entrance Fee


Bar-B-Ranch FAQ’s

Flamingo Gardens



I Need Your Input! Please RSVP ASAP

1. Are you coming? If yes, respond yes. If no, no need to respond.
2. How many people are coming with you?

Adventure Club Trips are planned and provided by The Peaceful Minds Center. Please, consider a donation for the tremendous effort it takes to organize these events. If everyone gives a little we can do a lot. You can either bring a donation in a plain, white envelope or  Click here to donate. Please, never hand cash to the teacher as it is considered disrespectful.


If you have any questions or have trouble locating us simply call Tom at 561-531-3626.