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Membership is vital to the existence of The Peaceful Minds Center. So much joyful effort has gone into putting together the tools and knowledge for creating the causes and conditions for your mind to be peaceful. Many students have repeatedly stated the huge, life changing impact The Peaceful Minds Center has on their lives. Please, give back by becoming a member. It’s only $45 per month for individuals and $75 per month for couples. Individuals can also sign up for an Annual Membership for $420 ($35/mo) or Founder Membership $750 ($12.50/mo). Both Annual and Founder Memberships are paid in full up front (not monthly payments). If everyone in our community gives a little, we can do a lot. Thank you for becoming a member!

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If you absolutely cannot afford to become a member or would simply like to make a one time donation. I understand. Don’t ever let that stop you from coming to classes. Many times in my life, when I had the least money was when I needed the most help. Manifesting this Peaceful Minds Center has made it more difficult than you could imagine. It’s a labor of Love …  A vocation. I’m grateful to do it. I will never stop. Knowing first hand what it feels like to have very little gives me sincere gratitude for anything that you give. Your donation warms my heart and is greatly appreciated. If everyone in our community gives a little, we can do a lot. Thank you for your generous donation!

With Love & Kindness,