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What Is Conditioning?
Do you notice that the same or similar circumstances and situations arise in your life repeatedly? Although we swear we will never make that mistake again we find that in a short period of time it happened again? Are there areas in your life were you seem stuck and no matter how hard you try you just cannot seem to change them? Do you find yourself in the same relationship over and over again only with a different person? Are you in the shape you want to be in? Are you financially where you want to be?  Is your life the way you want it? Let’s assume for a moment that there are things in your life you would like to experience differently. We must first realize that from the moment we are born in to this world we are conditioned. We are conditioned by parents, siblings, friends, family, schools, churches and the media etc. We develop conditioned habitual ways of thinking and being at a very early age. As we grow older we make the mistake of thinking that this conditioning IS US. It becomes our identity. And so, we blindly go about manifesting similar situations over and over again because that is what our psychology is set up to do by our conditioning. The truth is that you are not your conditioning or habitual ways of being. Nonetheless, this conditioning is a big part of the reason that we stay stuck in situations that we know in our hearts we would rather change. When you are able to first let go of the fear of dissolving your conditioning and then let go of your conditioning only then will you see the real you. The one you have always known is there … Deep down inside of you … The one who up until now has been hidden by your conditioning.

The Importance Of A Good Mentor
A good Mentor will become familiar with you and your conditioning. He will keenly be aware of your conditioning long before you are and point it out to you. Ninety percent of coaching is awareness. You cannot change that which you are not aware. You may be quite surprised at how often your conditioning shows up. A good Mentor is someone who has been there and directly experienced and transformed his own mind and thus his own life. He is someone who has walked out of the woods and now knows the way so he can lead you out. There is a big difference between information and wisdom. Information comes from a book and can be parroted by others. Wisdom comes only from direct experience. Albert Einstein once said, “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” A wise teacher is one who has experienced what he teaches you. He is both a gift and an asset that will help you awaken to the truth of yourself. You will experience life in ways you have only imagined. The life you seek is possible. A wise Mentor can show you the way.

Who Is Tom Notarianni Jr.?
Fortunately, Tom Notarianni Jr. is such a Mentor/Spiritual Teacher. He has spent the last 25 years in introspection and personal growth. He has experienced the transformation you are about to have first hand. From his experience Tom has created the 7 pillars of a peaceful mind. They include Meditation, Mentorship, Personal Training, Nutrition, Reiki, Life Skills and Service to others. All of these directly affect our state of mind. Tom can coach and train you in all these areas. As you gain mastery, one area at a time, you will find your mind becoming more and more peaceful. This will affect your entire life. You will feel good and look healthy. Your relationships will improve or you will move away from unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships as you move towards healthy situations that resonate with your newfound healthy energy. You will become aligned with your true purpose in life and what you “do” becomes and expression of who you “are” and not simply what you do. Most people change what they are “doing”. If you are being the same person doing something different you really have not changed much at all. Your work with Tom facilitates a shift in your way of being. Once you are being different, being more and more your true self, your relationships, you life’s purpose, your physical self, your spiritual self, your relationship to money and your relationships with those around you transform effortlessly to be a reflection of who you are now being and the clarity and peace you have in your mind. Please call Tom right now! He would Love to speak with you!

Do I Have To Live In Palm Beach County, Florida To Be Mentored?
NO! Mentorship is available internationally! Clients are being coached from Seattle to Spain and everywhere in between. There are no geographical limitations to coaching. Wherever you are, Tom can help!

Areas Served
All services are offered in: Delray Beach,  Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and surrounding areas. Mentorship is offered ANYWHERE around the GLOBE via Phone or Skype. Additionally, Counseling an Advice on Meditation, Personal Training, Nutrition, Life Skills and Distance Reiki Transmissions also available Globally.