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The Importance Of Life Skills
We cause ourselves so much suffering simply because we lack some very basic life skills. Some of those include: Cooking, Cleaning, Laundry, Hygiene, Money Management, Organization, Reading and Writing. The list could go on. At first glance these things may seem too simple to be important. Nonetheless, they are of paramount importance. We control so little of what happens in our lives. These are the things that we do control. How do you feel when your bills are paid on time or early, your house is clean, the laundry is done and you are sitting down to a fresh healthy meal you have just prepared for yourself? What is you state of mind in that moment?

The reason that these types of skills are important is because they create the causes and conditions for a peaceful mind to exist. A dirty home, dishes in the sink, a sore tooth, unpaid bills and the like all weigh the mind down. Typically, when we are not paying attend to theses things we are acting out with our addictions to avoid doing them. Sometimes we can waste several hours avoiding 30 minutes of work. It’s silly really but it comes from our conditioning.

Once you realize that paying attention to these areas of your life brings you peace you will naturally gravitate towards them. You will be able to do them effortlessly. You will look forward to them because you know how good you feel and how peaceful your mind is when you have completed them. You will have smashed the conditioning that had you doing otherwise and create the causes and conditions for your mind to be peaceful.

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