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Misconceptions about Meditation
At first glance Meditation seems to be some spiritual “hocus-pocus” reserved for monks sitting quietly atop a mountain with no responsibilities or concerns. Be assured that this is absolutely not the case. Meditation is a very practical, pragmatic and useful skill of stilling our minds which are typically overactive and causing great suffering. Are you anxious or depressed about going to work, money, relationships etc.? Meditation is the tool that allows you to: 1. Let go of  these things you do not control. 2. Let go of thoughts that cause suffering. And, 3. Permit you to see clearly the appropriate steps and solutions needed to resolve these anxieties. Meditation is the skill of letting go. That which we cannot let go creates great suffering in our minds. Without a doubt, you will come to realize that Meditation is THE most important practice and skill of your life.

What is Meditation?
Meditation is the practice of calming, settling and centering the mind and being totally present in the current moment. In the most rudimentary sense, we accomplish this by learning to center our attention on something still and in the moment – like breath. In the beginning it is quite natural to notice the mind running off to thoughts of the past or future. You will notice that when your mind is in these places you are no longer present. We live much of our lives off in some distant place in our minds. The more skilled we become at meditation the present and in the moment we become. There is always peace in the present moment.

Why is Meditation important?
When we suffer, we suffer only in our minds. Our untrained minds bounce from thought to thought to thought endlessly. Mark Twain said it best when he said, “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” It is our ignorance to the truth of our own minds that allows this suffering to exist. At The Peaceful Minds Center we say, “Happiness is not a state of life – It’s a state of mind.” By learning to Meditate you will mitigate this incessant thinking and consequential suffering. Notice that when you are happy and peaceful your mind is very calm. Meditation is the practice and skill of holding your mind in this calm state.

What are the benefits of Meditation?
Students of The Peaceful Minds Center report a lasting peace and calm coming over them. They rarely get upset. They sleep well. There is a noticeable detachment and calm when being is situations that used to cause anxiety. The need for addictions subsides. Relationships dramatically improve. Self-Care improves. There becomes a much more clear view of the world around them. In short, a peaceful and happy life arises naturally from this calm state of mind.

There are over 20 “How To Find Your Peaceful Mind” Teachings & Practice classes where you can have your questions answered and practice with Tom.

Areas Served
All services are offered in: Delray Beach,  Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and surrounding areas. Mentoring is offered ANYWHERE around the GLOBE via Phone or Skype. Additionally, Counseling an Advice on Meditation, Personal Training, Nutrition, Life Skills and Distance Reiki Transmissions also available Globally.