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The Importance Of Good Nutrition
When you look at your body realize that everything you are looking at is something you ate one time or another. The foods we eat do not simply go through us – they become us. From this point of view we can see clearly that what we ingest into our bodies is of great importance. We literally are what we eat. Look down at your body. Everything you see before you is a part of something that you at one time ate. Interesting point of view, don’t you think?

The Effect Nutrition Has On Our State Of Mind
What we eat, how often we eat, staying hydrated and getting good rest all have tremendous impacts on our state of mind. Have you ever seen a child that is hungry? What happens to their behavior? Their state of mind? Adults are no different. If you find yourself upset, your mind is racing, cannot relax and/or experiencing anxiety it may just be that you are hungry, thirsty or tired. So often we overlook the “simple” answers looking for complicated ones. Start with the simple and if you need it (which you likely will not), work your way to the complicated. Clients come to The Peaceful Minds Center all the time that say, “I usually don’t have time for breakfast … I’ll have some pizza and a soda for lunch … Then I usually grab takeout on the way home because I’m just too tired to cook … And but the way I’m on Prozac and struggle with depression.” Tom will then ask, “Do you work out?” And, the inevitable answer is a softly spoken, “No.” Can you see what’s happening here?

Keeping Diet and Nutrition VERY Simple
Over the past 25 years dozens of diet fads have come and gone. Everyone is looking for lightning is a bottle. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! There is no magic pill, potion or some secret that unlocks the true reason you may be overweight. What you seek is a state of mind, a psychology that allows for a healthy, vibrant physical state. The magic pill you are looking for is devotion. If you are overweight it is because you eat too much and exercise too little. It is that simple. It is true that some folks have genetic predisposition to certain body types. That’s ok. You know when you are taking care of yourself and when you are not. You know when you are in shape and when you are not. Without beating up on yourself, just be honest.

The majority of your diet should consist of lots of fresh vegetables and fruits; To a lesser extent whole grain foods; And to an even lesser extent,  lean proteins like lean cuts of beef, chicken, fish, egg whites, legumes, nuts and seeds; Don’t forget essential oils. Try eat as close to dirt as you can. Meaning, if it grows out of the ground, chop it off and eat it. Eat things the way nature made them and stay away from foods processed my man. Eat 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day and drink plenty of water. Your urine will be more clear when you are hydrated and a much darker color when you are not. And, do some exercise each day. That’s it. Don’t complicate it.

Areas Served
All services are offered in: Delray Beach,  Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and surrounding areas. Mentoring is offered ANYWHERE around the GLOBE via Phone or Skype. Additionally, Counseling an Advice on Meditation, Personal Training, Nutrition, Life Skills and Distance Reiki Transmissions also available Globally.