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The Not So Obvious Benefits Of Exercise and Personal Training
We all know the obvious benefits of exercise and Personal Training. Do you know the effects of exercise on brain chemistry? Tom Notarianni Jr. was the Fitness/Wellness Director at The Delray Center For Healing for 5 years. He worked side by side with a neuro-psychiatrist and psychologist. While he understood the amazing effects exercise had on his mind it was interesting to hear the clinical point of view. The doctor he worked with used to say, “Exercise is like taking anti-depressant medication only with a hundred positive side effects” – as opposed to pills with many negative side effects. Exercise is of paramount importance regarding creating the causes and conditions for a peaceful mind to exist. If you exercise you will be happier, healthier and much more peaceful in your mind.

Roadblocks To Exercise
On the Life Coaching Page we speak about conditioning and habitual ways of being. If we are not in the shape we want to be in it is because of our conditioning. Working with a Life Coach who is also a Personal Trainer (for over 20 years) is an incredible opportunity. Tom can train you any way you want to be trained as he has trained NFL caliber athletes, grandmas, children and everyone in between. The uniqueness of training with him is that as you are training your body, you are training your mind too! Sprinkled throughout your workout is a Life Coaching session. Why? Because the reason you are not in the shape you want to be in is because your psychology is not set up to support a physically healthy way of being. In short, people who are in great shape think much differently about diet and exercise then people who do not train regularly and are not in the best physical condition. The state of your body is a direct reflection of the state of your mind. If you do not change who you are being regarding exercise and physical health you will continue the same conditioned, habitual cycle of gaining weight – losing weight – being in shape – getting out of shape. It is your mind that needs to be trained so that your psychology allows for a glowing, vibrant and healthy body.

The Real Rewards Of Physical Mastery
Imagine yourself in top shape, your body is strong and lean, your clothes fit great, you do not get tired carrying the groceries in or walking up stairs, you have an active life, maybe you cycle, play tennis or run on the beach etc. … What would your life feel like? What would your mind feel like?

Areas Served
All services are offered in: Delray Beach,  Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and surrounding areas. Mentoring is offered ANYWHERE around the GLOBE via Phone or Skype. Additionally, Counseling an Advice on Meditation, Personal Training, Nutrition, Life Skills and Distance Reiki Transmissions also available Globally.