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Watch This Entire Video Before Reading Below

Notice what happens deep down inside you as you witness this selfless act of compassion. This video touches something so deep and so pure in all of us. What it touches is our true nature. What you just experienced is all the evidence you need. Our nature is to be Loving, Kind, Compassionate and Patient. When we are connected with our true nature we feel the most alive … The most connected to our source … The most at peace …There are no words to describe what you just experienced. Yet it is undeniable.

Science once again shakes hands with Spirituality here. There have been experiments that show that when someone is being kind serotonin is released in their brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. Not only does the person being kind experience an elevation in serotonin, the person receiving the kindness experiences an elevation in serotonin. And, as you just experienced, people witnessing the act of kindness experience an elevation in their serotonin levels. You see, kindness makes everyone feel better. And, forget serotonin, How did you just feel?

On the contrary notice how you feel when you are angry and upset? Does it feel good to you? Now, notice how you feel when your are being Loving, Kind, Compassionate and Patient. What feels better to you? What feels more like the real you? If you are in conflict with someone try being Loving, Kind, Compassionate and Patient with them – in body, speech and mind. Meaning in actions, words and thoughts. Sometimes all we can do is have Loving and Kind thoughts towards another. That’s a lot! Notice how soothing it is for you to stop your hateful, angry thoughts and replace them with Loving and Kind thoughts. Go out into the world today and Love someone … Be Kind to them … You may just find what you thought your were missing in your life.

We must realize that other peoples success is our success. Service, helping others, is in our own interest. Do you want to live in a world full of happy, high functioning successful people who care about each other or world of sad people who struggle to get through each day and only care about themselves? Help them! They struggle like we all struggle. They have histories and childhoods to mend just as we do. No one has it easy here. However, when we as a human race learn to give to each other rather then take, to be Kind rather than hate, to Love rather then act from anger and to care about one another as if each person we meet were our own grandmother and child rolled up into one … Then we will live together in Nirvana.