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The Peaceful Minds Center’s Conscious Kids and Parents

Students have begun to bring their children to class now and again. It’s been joyful and interesting to have them around. Their minds are not as polluted as adult minds and they tend to see things more clearly. The wisdom that has come from them in class has taken many by surprise. It’s time to have a monthly class just for kids. The parents will be in the background but I will be speaking directly with the children. My intention is to put the tools I wish I had growing up in their hands. My hope is that these tools spare them the unnecessary suffering that many of us experienced growing up. I hope that we can mentor them and help them see clearly.

No classes are scheduled as yet. This program is new and will be coming together soon.


6 thoughts on “The Peaceful Minds Center’s Conscious Kids and Parents

    • Hi Greg! Come with your daughter to Full Moon on Monday night! Call me with any questions 561-531-3626. With Love & Kindness, Tommy

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