Mindfulness For Business

Often times professionally we feel as though we are struggling to manage our business. If we look at it clearly, what we are really struggling to manage in those moments is ourselves in the face what is occurring in our business. In business, as in life, we have very little control of what happens. There are countless variables beyond our control. If we do not control them then there is no point wasting our energy on them. What we do control is our inner world including our mind. When we learn how our inner world and mind works and learn to manage it, we become much more happy and effective leaders and employees.

If you work with a group of people you will notice that there is an energy to that group. Sometimes the energy is good and its quite a fun atmosphere. Other times the energy is toxic and people start heading for the doors. Professional relationships are in many ways just like personal relationships. The better you know and manage yourself the better your relationships. The better your relationships, the better your company will function as whole. And, it will be fun. 

Individually, you always have to be working on yourself. You have to ask yourself the questions, “Am I being the person I want to be in my relationships? Where am I being Loving and Kind? Where am I not? Am I caring about the people around me or am I being selfish?” You inquire about yourself because that’s the only part the equation that you control. You bring consciousness to the person that you are being. From that conscious place its easy to be kind. 

Realizing consciousness is the core of Mindfulness For Business. A conscious group of people can do miraculous things together. The program combines the very practical simple teachings of structure, organization and integrity to the much more esoteric teachings of Meditation and Realization. The opposite of a conscious group is a group overcome by their emotions and in constant conflict. Conscious people handle differing points of view with grace and harmony. These differences become opportunities to see things in a new way and advance ideas forward. 

Meditation and Mindfulness are essential and vital for human beings. Our hope is that you develop a Mindfulness practice with daily Meditation time for your workers and leaders. The effect this will likely have is a much more calm and peaceful staff. There will be less sick time. There will be a harmony. To achieve this requires first understanding what your practice is and then actually doing it. 

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