Adventure Club Trips Monthly

Adventure Club, One Saturday each month we have class and go on an adventure together!
One Day each month we pick a place to go and have class and then do something fun, social and adventurous! We have a wonderful Peaceful Minds Center community and we are all looking for ways to connect and have fun within the context of a peaceful mind. Sometimes we’ll snorkel, dive, barbecue, hike, go to a zoo or some other nature experience. Other times we’ll volunteer and go make a difference in the world, do beach clean ups, assist the elderly and so on. You are invited to join us!

When?   Next Adventure Club Trip is on Thursday May 9th thur Sunday May 12th, 2019

Where? Camping Retreat At Jonathan Dickinson Park


A map to Jonathan Dickinson Park is provided below. When you pull in off of Route 1 you will see the Ranger station (It will be obvious). You can tell them you are here to Camp with The Peaceful Minds Center in the Group Camping Area. They will give you a map and directions. It’s simple to get to. If you are on this list you are prepaid and must pay me for your stay. The cost is $5 per night plus tax. Even if you are not staying the night you are on this list because its $6 to enter the park for the day.

Dawn B
Todd B
Tom O
John A
Sean M
Jenny H
Iffat I
Susan D
Mark E
Jordan F
Justin A
Jamie P
Rosanna J
Antoinette L

I will have some food and a big cooler. We will be have a barbecue on Saturday starting at around 3ish. Meaning that I will likely be lighting the grills then. I guess plan on eating around 4. Please make a donation towards the food and the myriad of supplies needed. If we need more we can leave the park and get it.

The itinerary is generally up in the air. We can do whatever we want and we’ll see how it goes.

It depends when everyone gets there and sets up. Hopefully, many of you will bring your bikes and we can explore the park via bike. Friday would be a good day for that. Evenings will be around the campfire.

I’m most certain of Saturday where we will be Kayaking and having a barbecue in the afternoon I expect to be Kayaking by 10 AM, stop for lunch and Barbecue starting 3 to 4.

Pack up and go home.

What Will Basically Be Provided
I will have a stove, shower, firewood, tarp to shade us from the sun, my bike, large pot, pan, utensils, 10 gallons of drinking water, Toilet Paper, bug spray, citronella candles and a host of other stuff that we need that doesn’t need to be mentioned here.

What You Need To Bring
Bring some food. It’s difficult for me to plan for who’s coming and when. I’m sure I will have a lot but bring some food for breakfast and lunch and we’ll do supper together. *Don’t keep food in your tent! We’ll probably have more food that we need. Extra water and drinks will be handy in the heat. Some other stuff to consider:

Bug Spray

Click here for a helpful article on what to bring

That’s it for now. This is a very general list. Use your head. If you have any questions reach out.

Look for the PMC Flag!

I will have robust First Aid Kit that will be visible to you.
In the case of an emergency dial 911. They will contact the rangers and its the fastest way to get help.


Jonathan Dickinson Park

Phone Number For The Park 772-546-2771


I Need Your Input! Please RSVP ASAP

1. Are you coming? If yes, respond yes. If no, no need to respond.
2. How many people are coming with you?

Adventure Club Trips are planned and provided by The Peaceful Minds Center. Please, consider a donation for the tremendous effort it takes to organize these events. If everyone gives a little we can do a lot. You can either bring a donation in a plain, white envelope or  Click here to donate. Please, never hand cash to the teacher as it is considered disrespectful.

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