Full Moon Beach Satsang & Meditation

A Beautiful Experience

The Peaceful Minds Center is always trying to come up with new ways for you to have beautiful, peaceful and transcendent experiences. It is our hope that during these experiences, you are able to step away from your mind and experience the peace and joy of being directly for yourself. Full Moon Beach Satsang & Meditation by Donation is one of our most epic opportunities for that to happen.

We meet at the North End of Oceanfront Park, Ocean Ridge which is Boynton Beach’s Public Beach. Parking is Free after 4 PM and Satsang is by Donation or Free for PMC Members. There is a PA system that Tom build himself so that you can hear clearly the teachings of the evening. The evening consists of announcements, a short meditation to center ourselves in the moment, a teaching where you are encouraged to ask questions and then a longer (about 20 – 30 minute) Meditation at the end. 

During the Full Moon Tom likes to talk about the foundation of Meditation and then practice with you. Sometimes these teachings on the beach can delve into the very deep end of the more esoteric teachings. Other times we focus on the foundational building blocks upon which you build your practice. 

Your questions are very helpful and make Satsang juicy! Sometimes people are shy and don’t want to speak. We want you to know that it’s very helpful when you share your thoughts. It guides Tom to speak to the listening that’s present that evening. 

Imagine yourself on the beach with a group of people who are peaceful … Who are practicing maintaining an inner state of peace and joy. The waves are brushing the shore … The moon is coming up over the ocean … A gentle breeze brushing your face … And, you are among a group of wonderful people Meditating in presence. How do you think you’ll feel? Join us. 

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