Full Moon Beach Satsang & Meditation

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 at Oceanfront Park,
Boynton Beach 7:00 to 8:45 PM
will be our monthly Full Moon Satsang & Meditation. Bring a chair so you can be comfortable. Free for PMC Members. By Donation to all others.

Why Attend?

We all want to live happy lives. We want to enjoy our lives and move from day to day feeling truly good inside. These Satsangs will give you the knowledge and understanding that will allow you to realize a Peaceful Mind – regardless of your circumstances. The motto of The Peaceful Minds Center is, “Happiness is not a state of life, it’s a state of mind.” Come learn how your mind works and how to have a Peaceful Mind. Classes consist of a teaching, Q & A/discussion period and Guided Meditation. On the Full Moon I always teach Meditation from the beginning of the conversation. So, it is very good for a beginner. As for the veterans of Satsang, it’s a great review. I never teach Meditation the same way twice and as you deepen your practice, experience what I am teaching you will hear what I am saying differently. Full Moon Satsang is always by Donation.  For those of you who wish to continue coming to our weekly Satangs, the contribution is $20 or you can become a member. Membership of $45 per month for individuals or $75 per month for couples allows you to come to all classes and is the preferred method of contribution. There are Annual and Founder Memberships along with private Mentoring and Reiki Sessions. Click here to view Membership & Service Menu

Full Moon Beach Meditation

Oceanfront Park
6415 N Ocean Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL 33435

The start time and date vary for this class due to the timing of the full moon. A text message will be sent to you confirming the time or simply text/call Tom for details. You can also google the time of the full moon rising and know that we start about 15 minutes prior on the day of the full moon. This class is at Oceanfront Park in Boynton. See above for details. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend a beautiful evening at the beach meditating with likeminded people with the full moon hovering overhead. It is a gorgeous evening guaranteed to leave you feeling peaceful and joyful.

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