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We all want to live happy lives. We want to enjoy our lives and move from day to day feeling truly good inside. These classes will give you the knowledge and understanding that will allow you to realize a peaceful mind – regardless of your circumstances. The motto of The Peaceful Minds Center is, “Happiness is not a state of life, it’s a state of mind.” Come learn how your mind works and how to have a Peaceful Mind. Classes consist of a teaching, Q & A period and Guided Meditation. Membership of $35 per month for individuals or $55 per month for couples is the preferred method of contribution.  If you are a Peaceful Minds Center Member your membership is your donation. It’s extraordinarily helpful when you become a member and you save 10% on Goods and Services too! We are grateful for everyone who attends. If everyone gives a little, we can do a lot!


Individual Mentoring Session
Each Session 1 Hour, In Person or By Phone

One on One Mentoring Sessions with Tom are available by appointment. Individual Sessions can be quite helpful when there are things your are struggling with and wish to have a deeper understanding.

Couples Mentoring Session

Each Session 1 Hour, In Person or By Phone

Ironically, when I meet couples that are struggling to connect they always invariably want the same thing – to Love and be Loved. Yet because of conditioning and habitual ways of being we struggle to do that. Couple’s Mentoring sessions can transmute your relationship into exactly what you both want.


Each Session 1 Hour, In Person

Reiki is a hands on healing technique that helps balance the energy of your body and open your Chakra’s (Energy Centers). It must be experienced to be understood.

Guided Meditation Session

Each Session 1 Hour, In Person or By Phone

Meditation is our most important practice as Human Beings. To take your meditation to a more deep and clear place you may consider studying & Practicing Meditation One on One with the teacher.

Personal Training

Each Session 1 Hour, In Person

Your body is the vehicle that carries you through this sensory experience we call life. Much like your car, the better it operates the less of a distraction it is. By bringing your body into a state of vibrant health, you have created the conditions for your mind to be very peaceful and tranquil. Our physical state and eating habits directly affect our quality of life and Peaceful Mind.


In Person or By Phone

Mentorship is the flagship and pinnacle of self-development. Mentorship is purposely designed to be extremely affordable and include consistency and exposure to the teacher in as many ways possible. In order to realize the truth of yourself, liberate yourself from the tyranny of your own mind, wash away your conditioned and habitual ways of being, you must hear these teachings over and over again. Because of the time commitment and seriousness of Mentorship, there is only a small number of Students that can be Mentored at any given moment. There may be a waiting list. And as such only the most serious and dedicated of Students are considered. There is an interview process before anyone is accepted as a Student. (See reverse side for Mentoring Agreement)

Couple Mentorship

In Person or By Phone

There are so many couples who truly Love each other, but because of their conditioning and habitual ways of being hurt one another and push each other away. It seems that couples always want the same thing but cannot seem to get there. If you wish to have a Loving and Connected relationship with your partner, you can have it. It takes time, work, dedication and a wise person to guide you. Taking your relationship seriously and entering Couples Mentoring can take you to places you never dreamed.

These services are available in Delray BeachBoca RatonBoynton BeachLake WorthPalm BeachPalm Beach County and Surrounding Areas.

Additionally, Meditation, Mentoring, Personal Training, Nutrition and Life Skills Advice and Counseling offered ANYWHERE around the GLOBE via Phone or Skype.