Satsang & Meditation on Wednesdays

Why Attend?

We all want to live happy lives. We want to enjoy our lives and move from day to day feeling truly good inside. These classes will give you the knowledge and understanding that will allow you to realize a peaceful mind – regardless of your circumstances. The motto of The Peaceful Minds Center is, “Happiness is not a state of life, it’s a state of mind.” Come learn how your mind works and how to have a Peaceful Mind. Classes consist of a teaching, Q & A period and Guided Meditation. Class is $20.  Membership of $45 per month for individuals or $75 per month for couples allows you to come to all classes and is the preferred method of contribution. There are Annual and Founder Memberships along with private Mentoring and Reiki Sessions. Click here to view Membership & Service Menu

*The Satsang Room is open 20 minutes early for those who wish to come early and meditation before practice!

What Is Satsang?

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means “gathering together for the truth” or, more simply, “being with the truth.” Truth is what is real, what exists. So all there is, is Truth. Whenever something increases your experience of the Truth, it opens your Heart and quiets your mind. Conversely, whenever something,. such as a thought, fear, or judgment, limits or narrows your experience of the Truth, the Heart contracts and the mind gets busier. We are all equally endowed with this capacity to discriminate the Truth. Thus, the true teacher, or satguru, is within you, and satsang, or being with the Truth, is endless. You have always been here in the embrace of your true nature as aware, loving space. You have always been in satsang.

Truth is too simple for words before thought gets tangled up in nouns and verbs there is a wordless sound a deep breathless sigh of overwhelming relief to find the end of fiction in this ordinary yet extraordinary moment when words are recognized as words and truth is recognized as everything else
(From Gifts with No Giver, a free ebook of nondual  poetry by Nirmala. )

Thank you to Endless Satsang for that wonderful explanation.

Satsang is the primary and most powerful tool at The Peaceful Minds Center. It consists of a teaching, question and answer/discussion period and then a guided meditation practice. Sitting with a teacher and asking questions, clarifying  your confusions and seeing clearly your practice and truth, is the quickest, most powerful and effective way to move closer to Enlightenment (being able to see things clearly as they are). To see things clearly as the are requires great devotion on the part of the student and teacher. The clarity comes gradually over time. Each time you hear the teachings you will hear them a little differently … A little deeper … As it begins to make more sense to you, your practice becomes effortless and your devotion deep. You have found the root of suffering and it will take all your might to grasp it and pull it from the ground. Once you do, your true nature of Love, Kindness, Joy, Compassion and Patience shines through like the sun in a cloudless sky. Peace and joy come over you in way that feels like home. The circumstances of your life no longer effect your peace and joy. Life simply continues to unfold in its own natural way as you the excited awareness, eagerly, excitedly imbibe the moment in all its freshness without judgement or opinion …


The Duncan Center, Delray Beach
15820 S. Military Trail
Delray Beach, FL  33484

Wednesdays 7 – 8:45 PM We are in the Lovely and Peaceful Stahl Building at The Duncan Center.You don’t need to bring anything as the accommodations are quite comfortable and serene.

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