Satsang & Meditation on Wednesdays

Wednesday Satsang

If you are like most people you don’t know what, “Satsang” means. Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means simply, “gathering around the truth with a teacher.” We refer to our gatherings this way because they are much more than a guided Meditation Practice (which is still very important!). Satsang consists of announcements, a beginning Meditation, a Teaching by our Teacher Tom where you are encouraged to ask questions and participate and a much longer Meditation at the end. 

The experience that we are intending to create for you is a warm environment where you feel safe and Loved. This is a place where you can learn about your mind and your humanness. If you don’t already know, our motto is, “Happiness is not a state of life; it’s a state of mind.” When we are happy we are happy in our minds. And, when we are suffering, we are suffering in our minds. However, most of us know very little about our mind and how our mind works. That is exactly what Satsang and The Peaceful Minds Center are for. To help you to stop creating suffering for yourself by becoming conscious of how you are doing that. The best thing to do is to come an experience Satsang for yourself. We are a wonderful community of people who enjoy self discovery and have a lot of fun together. 

Our gatherings are usually at the beautiful Duncan Conference Center in Delray Beach. The peaceful energy there adds so much to the experience. It is our hope that when you leave you are feeling much better then when you arrived. 

We have several events each month. We usually have three Wednesday Satsangs each month. When the weather is right we have Fireside Satsang in the back labyrinth. We also have Full Moon Satsang & Meditation on the Beach at Oceanfront Park, Boynton Beach. We have an Adventure Club Trip usually on the third Saturday of the month where we have some fun!

The Peaceful Minds Center is committed to you having a very happy life. Remember, happiness is a state of mind. You must understand, practice and train your mind to create the causes and conditions for your peacefulness and joyfulness. It is here that you will learn to do that. 

Your mind is your world. When your mind is good, your world is good. When your mind is off, your world is off. There is nothing more important than understanding and training your mind. Period. Join us. You’ll be glad you did. The quality of your life is equal to the quality of your state of mind. 

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